Individual & Family Counselling

Anupa consults with individuals, couples and families to provide support for mental and emotional well-being.

Groups, Workshops, Training, Webinars

She conducts a range of online and offline therapy groups, workshops, training and webinars to enhance well-being and self-development. Her workshops have been termed 'transformational' by participants, including trainers, HR professionals and coaches.

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  • The Narrative therapy session conducted by Anupa for our forum was awesome. It gave me a different perspective, of how I could look at my life differently with a lot of positivity, focusing on my strengths. It was a great experience. Namita Agarwal, YPO member

  • Anupa's facilitation personifies passion. She exudes tremendous empathy and energy and playful, childlike enthusiasm in the way she facilitates. Bharat Raj, Sales-Trainer, Mercuri International

  • A unique experiential workshop, which helped people move from a point of where they were to where they would like to be, through the sharing of personal narratives. Asad Lalljee, Sr. Vice President, CEO, AVID Learning, Essar Foundation.

  • Even for an experienced storyteller, the workshop was inspiring, both theoretical and practical. Anupa is a warm and skilled teacher who created a space of trust. Marina Granlund, Swedish Actress & Storyteller

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